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Blue Dart tracking is an integrated package distribution company that happens to be the premier courier in south Asia. It boasts of the most extensive domestic network that covers more than 33, 785 locations. The company offers services over 220 territories and countries across the world through group company DHL, which is the premier worldwide brand name when it comes to express distribution services.  

The largest logistics network in India is owned by Blue Dart, with citizens of this country regularly choosing the company for cargo delivery. The firm strives to provide excellent services to customers that include tracking of shipment. In addition, it constantly strives to achieve viable leadership when it comes to offering professional services. The ultra-modern technology that the company implements in each service it offers goes a long way to showing that it is a top-of-the-line corporation. Aviation is among the modes of transport that Blue Dart uses, meaning that delivery of cargo is done rapidly. What’s more, its order tracking allows customers to monitor every step of the shipment. 

There are a number of benefits that people who use Blue Dart tracking get to enjoy. Irrespective of the fact that courier services are mushroom every other time, the company is in great demand among Indian citizens as well as those of other nations. Every potential client, even those who have never used its services before, will without doubt benefit from the numerous services that it offers. The ability to monitor shipment through its tracking service is also a major plus. 

This company happens to be the only one located within the territory of India. It offers a wide range of courier services that range from document delivery to a charter-load of deliveries. In addition, it is easy to check each one of the services thanks to the firm’s courier tracking shipment system. Blue Dart has a professional team of specialists who are always on standby to potential clients with a wide variety of services. It also has a self-sustaining system of aviation that is linked to warehouses, and which is arguably the biggest such system in India. Another advantage has something to do with the company’s main corporate strategy, which involves social responsibility. There is an in-house sustainability team tasked with caring for a number of initiatives and issues aimed at making the planet better, especially concerning protection of the environment. 

Blue Dart tracking options take the form of online, mobile and email tracking. The fastest and most commonly way to track a shipment is online. All a client has to do is enter a certain reference number in an online form and then click on ��Track Courier Status’ button. The shipped package’s current status will then be displayed. There is also an easy-to-use service called MobileDart for clients who wish to track shipment through mobile phones with the use of SMS/WAP. At the moment, mobile tracking offers two options. One involves checking a shipment’s current status while the other is for getting delivery intimation. For those who don’t wish to use SMS or the online option, there is email tracking.