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DTDC Express Limited – India’s largest parcel delivery network. DTDC Express Ltd. was founded in 1990 and has more than 25 years of operating experience, with presence in over 10,000 locations. We are a strategic partner of DPD Group, an International Parcel Delivery Services Company, owned by GeoPost. Building enduring and close ties with the customers is our priority, and we pride ourselves in offering a broad range of services to our esteemed patrons

DTDC tracking is a growing industry is India. As India's population continues to grow every year, the need for postal services and mailing also grows. Whether you may be trying to ship personal belongings, receiving gifts from people, or if you are buying things online, courier companies are going to be what helps bring you these services. Some of these companies you may already know or you are getting ready to find what new companies entrepreneurs are starting up in order to shake up this tracking business.

The Indian Postal Service is one that most Indians have most likely, have already heard of. This courier service has been around for a lot longer than most of the courier. The Indian Postal Service was first established in 1774 and the reason for why they have lasted for long is for one reason...trust. They are by far, the most trusted courier company in the entire country because of their speedy express delivery service and the great reputation that they built up as a result. Anyone in India that is looking for a quick, efficient, and trusted service should look no further than the Indian Postal Service.

This one courier company should seem familiar to any American that may be reading this as they may already be using their service for all of their shipping needs. This company, know in India as FedEx India, was established in 1973 and they serve close to every region in the country. There is no doubt that the employees at FedEx India are experts when it comes to express delivery and distributing products to people all over the world. The people of India know how well FedEx handles their services; that's why they have such a good reputation of serving all communities of India, whether rich or poor. The Corporate office for FedEx is located in Dallas, USA, however offices for FedEx can be located all over the country and are suited for the shipping needs of the people of India.

There is always a general consensus within people that only one DTDC tracking can provide my specific needs, that is however not the case! Whichever courier company someone might go for, they will find their service will provide for their needs just as much as the rival company. Whatever company you may prefer, AfterShip, Indian Postal Service , or FedEx India, these services are going to help you ship and receive all of the products at a great price that no sane person can ever resist not taking!