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First Flight tracking is made simple through the use of First Flight deals with consignments booked or received in India, as well as internationally. There are several ways to track packages through the website’s interface. Packages can be tracked through email alerts, or SMS for those wanting a more instant notification through their mobile devices. A total of 10 consignments can be tracked at once through the website by inputting the correct consignment numbers into the system.

The process involves inputting the consignment number into the appropriate box and clicking the submit button at the bottom. Providing a valid email address or mobile number is recommended for the receiving of information regarding tracked consignments. There are several areas on the website where the numbers can be input, including a pop-out menu to the left of the screen. Up to 10 consignment numbers can be input into the box, each separated by a comma for clarity. Tracking numbers are 12 characters long and include both numbers and letters.

Pickups can also be handled online, after filling out the required order information. Calculating the cost of a shipment is handled through pickup requests using information such as weight and shipment type, along with other key pieces of information. Shipments can be handled both domestically in India, or internationally. Pickups are scheduled to be carried out within 24 hours if booked at the right time.

There are certain items that are prohibited by First Flight. A full list can be found on the website, under “prohibited items.” These items include valuables and dangerous items such as gun powder, air guns, and magnets. Any type of currency cannot be shipped by the courier either. Insurance for parcels is also available by contacting First Flight Couriers directly. Rates depend on the type of shipment.

There are several methods that First Flight uses to transport goods, including trains and airplanes with priority depending on the type of shipment. Field representatives are responsible for picking up consignments. Pickups can be scheduled depending on the location of the shipment. Shipments can be picked up at residences or businesses in countless areas around the world. In addition, consignments can be received up from various courier branches located in multiple areas.

First Flight tracking numbers will be provided once the order is processed and ready to be shipped to its destination. Communication is handled predominantly online through notifications and emails, as well as through mobile alerts. The courier company boasts reliability and quick delivery of consignments to a large number of clients around the world. There are also a whole host of deals and discounts that are offered through the website depending on the occasion. Deals are seasonal and may not always be offered.

Indian courier services are becoming increasingly viable as technology expands and e-commerce grows. Tracking numbers and flexible insurance provides the customer with ease of access and reliable shipping of consignments. First Flight Couriers relies on innovation and a desire to please clients all around the world through the use of emerging technologies.